Lectures & abstracts

Leonid Grigorenko (Dubna, Moscow)
"Theoretical basics and modern status of radioactivity studies"

Etienne Liénard (LPC, Caen)
"Radioactivity and the limits of the Standard Model"

Jérôme Giovinazzo (CENBG, Bordeaux)
"Proton radioactivities"

Ulli Köster (ILL & UGA, Grenoble)
"Interesting effects in well-know radioactive decays"
"Medical applications of radioactivity"

Christophe Theisen (CEA, Saclay)
"From the discovery of fission to the synthesis and decay of superheavy nuclei"

Muriel Fallot (SUBATECH, Nantes)
"Non proliferation and radioactivity"

Christophe Falguères (HNHP, Paris)
"Dating methods in prehistory during Quaternary period"


Ulli Köster (ILL & UGA, Grenoble)
"Consequences of Chernobyl and Fukushima"

Sébastien Procureur (CEA, Saclay)
"Muon tomography and applications"

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