Workshop practical sessions

The practical session on muography will make use of the TomoMu setup, a portable muograph instrument which can be used both in absorption/transmission and deviation modes. This instrument is very similar to the muon telescopes deployed last year around the Great Pyramid of Giza. TomoMu will be used to illustrate the different muography techniques, as well as the instrumentation aspects of such experiments, in particular :

1st workshop session :

- operation/ preparation of the instrument: setting of the self-trigger parameters (multiplicity, threshold), setting of the high voltage and effects of the environmental conditions

- signal extraction and checks of their characteristics (amplitude, timing, cluster size, etc.)

- alignment of the detectors, required to get the best possible performance of the instrument

- muon track reconstruction

2nd workshop session :

- analysis of data taken during the 2 sessions (absorption and transmission modes)

- data taking and analysis in deviation mode (POCA & angle reconstruction)

- comparison of the techniques

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